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Motorhome, campervan and conversion van hire

Between individuals

Hire a motorhome, campervan or conversion van
and travel all across Europe!

Choose from 3,067 available vehicles to hire.

Discover the motorhome, campervans and conversion vans available for hire
between inviduals all over the UK

3,067 motorhomes, campervans and conversion vans looking for adventure are waiting for you to take to the road!

Do you own a motorhome, campervan or conversion van?
Rent it out!

Discover the advantages of the motorhome, campervan and conversion van rental between individuals in 4 steps.

Create your ad
for free in only 2 min

Manage your rental requests
on your own terms

Meet the owner
to hand over the keys

Receive your payment
and continue to rent out

Join the 3,067 motorhome owners who already trust us. becomes Yescapa

A community already enticed by our services for
motorhome rental between inviduals

Confidence and security praised by our members.

Yescapa is the European leader in motorhome, campervan and van hire between individuals. With more than 3,067 vehicles, we have the widest rental fleet in Europe and offer a large and varied choice: low-profile, A-Class or coachbuilt motorhome, campervan or conversion van.

A service rated 5 stars by the users

Based on 9,783 reviews

Travel all over Europe
in a motorhome, campervan or conversion van

With more than 3,067 vehicles available in Europe, you're sure to find the ideal travel companion.

Don't know what type of vehicle
is for you?

On the site, you can rent between individuals.

Converted van

Practical and mobile:
The Campervan

Its friendly appearance and small size allows you to go where you want. The conversion van is a universal vehicle: the perfect mix of homeliness and mobility.

Rent A Campervan

Family friendly and comfortable:
The Motorhome

Particularly adapted for travelling with the family, the motorhome offers you the ultimate comfort. It provides you with a real sense of freedom by giving you independence on your journey

Rent A Motorhome

Be in control of your getaway:
The Conversion Van

Discrete and manageable, the conversion van is halfway between a van and a motorhome. It's the perfect compromise between quality, comfort and suitable vehicle dimensions.

Rent A Conversion Van

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