How is my motorhome insured for hires ?

Yescapa is the only platform to supply a suitable insurance solution for RV rentals. It is with the best European insurers that Yescapa has developed tailor-made insurance contracts, specific to peer to peer RV rentals.

Each RV rental on Yescapa includes insurance which is specially created for peer to peer rentals.

This is a temporary insurance that replaces the owner's annual insurance for the duration of each rental.
This system allows travelers and owners to be fully covered during rentals without taking out any additional policies. All vehicle documents and users are verified. Yescapa takes care of everything! The subscription to the insurance and proof of insurance are provided by Yescapa. Our users don't have to worry about paperwork!
In addition, our adapted insurance products allow owners and tenants not to see their own insurance impacted, their penalties are therefore protected even in the event of damage occurring during a rental.

What's covered during your camper hire :

  • Accidental damage to the vehicle ;
  • Glass breakage
  • Injury ;
  • Theft of the vehicle ;
  • Fire, shock, explosion.

The amounts of coverage and deductible vary according to the country of registration of the vehicle. Check out all our insurance products for more details.

How can you get your RV insured for rentals?

Do you own an RV?

This insurance is automatically associated with your vehicle when you create your ad. To do this, you will need to provide a photo of the registration certificate, the latest technical inspection (MOT) and the vehicle's annual motor insurance policy. You can then benefit from this insurance free of charge.

Wish to rent an RV from a local owner?

This insurance is automatically included in your rental application. Depending on the insurance associated with the vehicle you want to rent, check that you meet the age requirements and the requirements for the age of your driver's license.

On Yescapa, some vehicles also have their own insurance (provided by the owner). This is often the case with rental companies, as well as some private owners with their own specific insurance policy. This information is provided on the each listing and the cost of these insurances is included in the advertised price on Yescapa.

Find out more about the rental breakdown assistance

Can I provide rental insurance for my RV myself?

If you are an owner and you prefer to provide your own insurance for your RV during hires, you can subscribe to your own rental insurance policy. We invite you to contact your insurer for annual or daily self-drive hire insurance policies which allow for rentals between individuals.