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Lagun Aro (Spanish Insurer) have collaborated with Yescapa to provide fully comprehensive insurance for our RV and Camper rental service.

  • Available for RV rentals for vehicles registered in Spain.
  • This policy includes cover against damage to the vehicle, windscreen cover, theft of the vehicle by a third party, fire and full roadside assistance from km 0 in case of a breakdown or accident.


The insurance policies offered for stress-free holidays:

  • Civil liability
  • voluntary civil liability
  • Legal defense
  • Damage to vehicle with deductible. This warranty is applied to any accidental damage to the vehicle caused by a collision, theft, fire, explosion or other incident of accidental origin. Repair, replacement of damaged parts and total loss of the vehicle are covered. Compensation for total loss:
  • Vehicles less than one year old: valued as new
  • Vehicles older than 1 year: valued at market price
  • Breakdown without franchise, effective from km 0
  • Personal driver accidents
  • The structural elements of the vehicle (covering, floor, windows, doors)
  • The furnishings are an integral part of the vehicle (kitchen, cabinets, water, gas and air conditioning)
  • Electrical appliances
  • Fixed accessories of the vehicle manufacturer and chassis (with a limit of €1500).

Excess rates

Insurance excess below shall be deducted from the total cost of damage (including theft) caused by the insured car-sharing vehicle:

  • The insurance excess is set to €1,500 : This excess is applied by default, but it is possible to subscribe to the partial excess waiver option, to reduce it to €500. The additional cost for this is €6 per day.
  • An excess rate of €150 is applied in incidents where only glass is damaged

An insurance excess applies, according to the following principle "one incident = one excess to pay". Each excess will be determined according to the nature of the incident.


Conditions of entry of vehicles belonging to the owners in the insurance scheme

  • Vehicle registered in Spain
  • Regular and thorough technical checks of the vehicle carried out according to regulations.

Conditions for vehicle renters/drivers according to the insurance plan.

  • Be at least 24 years of age or older;
  • That he has held B licence for 2 years;
  • That the driver has held a category C licence for 2 years, if renting a GVW vehicle of 3.5t or more.

In the event of a claim, if the vehicle is driven by a 24 year old person with less than 2 years of driving licence, the renter will be subject to an excess rate of €3000 for the insured vehicle as well a the additional costs to the deductibles which will be borne by the renter and / or driver of the vehicle at the time of the accident.


The guarantees work for private or leisure travel, with the exception of the paid transport of any person and / or merchandise. Permitted travel is:

  • Spain
  • in Andorra and Monaco
  • as well as in the countries listed on the international insurance card: France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Malta, Switzerland, Andorra, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Austria, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway, UK, Ireland, Iceland, Poland, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Greece, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Turkey, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, Albania, Belarus, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Fyrom, Iran, Israel, Moldova, Russia, Serbia.

Rental insurance contract from Lagun Aro

You can download the terms and conditions by clicking on the link below:

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