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How can I edit my booking?


It is possible to edit dates kilometre package or insurance on a booking even if it has been confirmed. You may proceed to this change, up to the day before departure. 

To do this, you'll have to log on to your profile and click on My Trips (please note no modification will be done by phone or email):

What modifications can you make to a booking from your account?


  1. Edit the days or add extra kilometres before payment:

    You must cancel your current booking request and renew it with the correct dates or kilometres. 

  2. Edit the dates or add extra kilometres after having paid for a booking:
    You can easily edit an already confirmed booking yourself from your account in the My Trips section, and then Edit

    You may edit:
    - The departure date
    - The return date
    - The kilometre package
    - The chosen options

    More than one modifications are possible for the same booking. 

    To edit a booking you will need to:

    i) Log on to your profile and go to My Trips > Edit
    ii) Choose the modifications you wish to make > Save 
    iii) Check all the information entered is correct 
    iv) Confirm your request > Send the request
    v) An email will be sent to the owner. If they accept, a payment link will be sent to you to confirm the change
    vi) The change will come into effect and appear on your rental contract once the payment has been finalised.

Special cases: Deleting a day, reducing your kilometres, or change of dates (same amount of days only) after payment:
Those changes are not possible via your account, once a payment has been made. If you have come to an agreement with the owner, both parties must contact us by email in order to inform us of the requested change.


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