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Do I have to sign an inventory form?

Yes, it is compulsory for you to sign a rental contract with the owner, which will contain an inventory.

In order for Yescapa to offer a mediation service should there be an issue between the two parties, both parties participating in the hire (owner and renter) must fill out and sign this contract. Each party must have their own copy in their respective language, in order to avoid any misunderstanding on the day of departure and return. This document will also be requested by authorities should you get pulled over, or by the insurance and in the event of an incident. 

The insurance company will refuse to cover any claims related to a rental if the contract has not been correctly filled out and signed.

By signing the rental contract you agree to the Terms highlighted on this page. Make sure to read those carefully before your trip begins. 

Make sure to print this document well before the day of departure, in order to make sure you don't forget your copy. 

Please note professional owners will have their own contracts, make sure to read the Terms carefully before signing.

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