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What time should I pick up/drop off a vehicle?


On the rental contract, a departure and return time is mentioned.

Example:  from 26/07/2019 from 9 am to 04/08/2019 until 8 pm.

This schedule is not imposed and you will be able to define a suitable departure and return time with the owner.

For your information, the insurance is valid in 24-hour periods, i.e. from midnight to 11.59 pm.

When sending your booking request, you can choose whether you wish to pick up the vehicle in the morning, from 9 am or in the afternoon, from 2 pm and then return it either before noon or before 8 pm.

This option is only available if the owner offers a half-day hire. 

If you do not have a choice of times, it is simply because the owner only offers full-day rentals.

If the vehicle is late, the owner may apply a penalty. To view the article "I'm late to return the vehicle, what will happen", click here.




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