Your first steps driving a motohome

Rent hassle-free RV rentals with your car drivers licence

Motorhome advantages

RV basics

A general check up once every few days and taking into account the distinctive characteristics of the RV, will ensure a peaceful trip.

  • Empty waste water in designated areas
  • Check the vehicle fluids
  • Fill up on water and electricity
  • Take into account the height and overall size of the vehicle
  • Avoid speeding in strong winds
  • Make sure to park your vehicle on a flat surface with the help of parking blocks.
Rent an RV

A few tips

Before departure

Make sure you have all the documents required like the insurance certificate, or the bedding if not provided. Bringing some board games along is a good idea to entertain kids during long journeys.


As long as you do not show any signs of camping, you can park as a regular car. Keep in mind there are websites tailor made to help you find rest areas or carparks wherever you're going. Each rental performed via the website offers you a yearly subscription to Caramaps.


Even if the RV is a brand new experience, remember you are going on holidays! Road trips are wonderful adventures and our customer care team is here if you need anything.