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What is renting with a business company (pro) like?


When you select a vehicle on Yescapa, it will be mentioned beside the owner's name if this is a company "PRO" or a private individual (nothing will be written). If you are hiring from a private individual, then the general Terms and Conditions apply, along with the rental contract provided by Yescapa and its clauses

If you are renting from a rental company, they will be providing the insurance, not Yescapa. Please make sure you agree to those terms before proceeding with the payment. Once a booking is confirmed the general cancellation Terms apply. It remains your responsibility to find out more information before the payment.

They will provide their own rental contract, make sure you read the contract carefully, and you are careful when checking the vehicle before you leave on your trip and after, when you return the vehicle. 

 Most of the time, professional hiring companies will operate per night and not days, please check with the owner if they will be available for the pick-up and drop off times you chose (especially if on a Sunday). Sometimes, owners will mention their pick up and drop off times on their description, make sure you make note of those. 

N.B. If an incident was to occur during a hire with a professional company, they will process the claim separately from Yescapa and we will not be able to intervene or mediate the incident. 




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