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Why subscribe to our cancellation insurance?


  • Why subscribe?

The aim of the cancellation insurance is to be entitled to the reimbursement of the total amount paid for your hire (with the exception of the insurance excess and any modifications made to the booking after confirmation).

  • What does it cost?

The cancellation insurance price corresponds to 6% of the total paid for the hire. 

  • What are the conditions?

The insurance applies if a defined unforeseeable event occurs to one of the people participating to the hire or to a member of the family (up to the 2nd degree), a written proof is required.

Here are some examples of covered events:

- For serious illness (including illness linked to an epidemic declared in the month preceding departure);

- In the event of a positive PCR test and the presence of symptoms (note from doctor required).

- In the event of cancellation of leave

The policy conditions are available here.

  • How to subscribe?

It is possible to subscribe to the insurance when confirming the rental, directly on the site or the application. 


  • Restrictions/Exclusions

Natural disasters, military conflicts, cancellations of official events, bad weather or any absence of hazards are not taken into account by the cancellation insurance.

That's why we have implemented a flexible cancellation policy.

In case of force majeure, it is possible to cancel your stay up to 48 hours before departure.

To consult the eligible reasons and the terms of reimbursement, we invite you to consult our dedicated page.




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