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Do I have to clean the vehicle or refill the fluids?


If cleaning fees are included in the rental price, then you don't have to worry about it. Just check with the owner if you need to empty the cassette and wastewater before returning it.
If no costs are mentioned, then you must make it as clean as when you were given it: think of the owner and the next renters!

The cleaning stage will allow you to check that you have not forgotten anything: sheets, games, and any personal items that you may have left.

You must therefore return the vehicle in perfect mechanical order and clean condition, with a full fuel tank, in accordance with the state in which you picked up the vehicle on the day of departure, having emptied the WC cassette, dirty water, and conducted interior and exterior cleaning. Such conditions must be at least similar to those under which the vehicle was handed over at the time the hire began.

Failing this and unless otherwise stated on page 3 of the rental contract, the owner will be entitled to retain compensation from the deposit, and you will be liable for the amounts indicated in accordance with the following table:

Not cleaned Penalty
Cassette not emptied (toilet) 50 GBP
Clean water tank not filled up 5 GBP
Waste water not emptied 15 GBP
Outside cleaning (marks on the car body, the alloys, the windscreen) not in the same condition as on departure. 15 GBP
Inside cleaning (evidence of kitchen or bathroom use, floors not swept, litter present) not in the same condition as on departure. 40 GBP for a campervan
80 GBP for a converted van or a motorhome

These penalties can be accumulated depending on the condition of the vehicle compared to the way it was rated on the inventory of departure. Additionally, if the renter breaks one of the rules set by the owner in their listing, they are also liable for the following penalties:

Rules onboard Penalty
No smoking on board 50 GBP
Traveling with pets 50 GBP

Amicable settlement in person is encouraged. If you gave the owner a security deposit at the start of the rental, it can be used to deduct the amount(s) incurred. In the event that the security deposit is managed by Yescapa and that no amicable arrangement is found, our team will mediate the charges.

These charges are cumulative depending on the condition of the vehicle in comparison with the state of cleanliness noted during the inventory of departure.



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