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The owner rents out their vehicle without any charges. They inform prospective renters about the availability of their vehicle and the rental rates.


The renter searches for the motorhome of their choice. They send a non-binding booking request to the owner, who is instantly notified by email and text message.


The owner has 24 hours to choose freely to accept or deny the booking request. The traveler is notified immediately of the owner's decision by email and text message.         


After acceptance by the owner, the traveler pays the rental through an online secured payment service on our website.


On the departure day, the traveler meets the owner. The traveler gives the deposit cheque to the owner and they sign the inventory of fixtures and the rental contract together.


The owner will receive their payment by bank transfer.


On the return date, the renter returns the keys. Both parties complete the inventory of fixtures together, then give each other reviews on the website.

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