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Our partner Caravela is one of the most recognized insurers in mobility in Portugal, together we have built the most complete insurance coverage for motorhome, van or van rental between individuals.

  • Full comprehensive cover in case there is damage to the vehicle, fire, theft, glass breakage and a complete 24/7 assistance in case of breakdown or incident.


Here are the garantees, for a stress-free holiday:

  • Compulsory third party liability up to €7,290,000;
  • 24/7 travel assistance ;
  • Legal aid ;
  • Capital guaranteed up to €75,000 for the damage resulting from a shock, collision, overturning, fire, theft, storm, natural phenomena or act of vandalism;
  • Bodily injury to the driver with no excess and cover up to €1250;
  • Glass breakage covered up to €1500.

Excess rates

An insurance deductible is applied in case of responsible damage or with an unidentified third party.

The glass breakage excess is 150€ in case of replacement of the glass element and no excess in case of repair (with a ceiling of 1000€ for repairs). In the case of glass breakage resulting from misuse by the tenant, the coverage is not applicable.

For other damages, the excess amounts increases to €1,500 per incident. This excess can be reduced to €700 by subscribing to a reduced excess option during the booking process.

An insurance excess applies, according to the following principle "one incident = one excess to pay". Each excess will be determined according to the nature of the incident.


  • Must be over 25 ;
  • Have a valid driving licence for more than three years ;
  • To have a 2 or 4 wheels insurance for at least 3 years (a document will be required in case of an accident with a third party, otherwise an additional excess of €500 per accident will be applied);
  • Not to have had any claims with aggravating circumstances for at least 3 years (a history is consulted by insurers in the event of damage).


Cover for private/recreational travel, excluding any expensive transport of persons and/or goods. The following trips are authorised:

  • Europe: Portugal, France, Spain, Italy, Malta, Switzerland, Andorra, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Austria, Germany, United Kingdom, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Denmark, Finland, Gibraltar, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Ireland, Poland, Slovenia, Croatia, Greece, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria.


This covers damage in the event of an accident, i.e. resulting from an accidental, sudden and unforeseen incident that occurred during the rental of a vehicle rented through Yescapa and whose repair costs exceed the amount of the insurance excess subscribed. Certain vehicle components are excluded from insurance coverage:

  • White or brown electrical appliances which are removable
  • Vehicles and equipment transported in the trunk, on roof racks or motorcycle racks
  • Damage to tires due to piercing, braking or punctures
  • Accessories or elements, whether or not they are brand originals, which are not attached
  • Household utensils such as crockery, glasses, cutlery and similar articles, small electrical household appliances, chairs, tables and similar articles, as well as other upholstery items from the inside of the vehicle
  • Personal objects taken from the vehicle following a burglary, whether they belong to the renter or the owner
  • Theft(s) by a person in close contact with the driver (employee, family member)
  • Loss of or damage to the trailer and its contents
  • The loss of or damage to any vehicles (mechanically damaged) towed by the insured vehicle
  • The loss, damage or theft of objects belonging to the Owner
  • Damage to the vehicle whose only cause is overload or wear and tear
  • Glass breakage on elements through which light does no travel
  • The breakage of glass if it results from a misuse by the tenant (mishandling, undue use of the open window, etc. ...)
  • Mechanical breakdowns;
  • Roof tents;
  • Antennas and solar panels;
  • Stickers when they are not original.

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