RV or camper,
the essential asset for your wedding

Are you going to a wedding? We have what you need!

With us, your wedding
will be even more memorable

You've thought of everything for the big day: catering service, bouquet, rings... But what about where your guests will stay?

Your relatives will arrive from all over to celebrate this "YES" with you that they have been waiting for for so long! But finding accommodation for everyone is complicated and you are already really busy...Yescapa offers you an excellent middle ground between budget and proximity to your wedding venue.

We will also be delighted to accompany you for a princess entrance! With more than 6500 RVs to rent, one of them will surely lead you to your loved one. Our RVs will be your best travel companions o you can hit the road during your honeymoon.

An RV for comfort and freedom,
a camper for style and originality

Why rent a vehicle
for my wedding?

For a remarkable
entrance of the bride

Yescapa also offers you its services for an exceptional wedding entrance. Imagine yourself driving a beautiful camper and arriving in front of the wedding venue beside all your loved ones. For an original and elegant arrival, we introduce you to a whole range of camper that will surprise your guests.

To make
accommodating your guests easier

Have you found the ideal place to celebrate your union, but there is no accommodation for your guests in the area? An RV or camper rental is a great solution! You can accommodate from two to seven people per vehicle at a reasonable cost, directly on the place of festivities, for a warm and friendly atmosphere.

And after the party?
Hit the road for your honeymoon

Yescapa will accompany you for a romantic road-trip to celebrate your union. While driving your vehicle, you will encounter wonderful scenery, sleep wherever you want and hit the road with your lover! You will find the perfect travel buddy that best suits your needs, for an unforgettable honeymoon.

An RV for comfort and freedom,
a camper for style and originality

a professional and secure service, for you

A special attention
to the security of our renters

Whether you are an owner or a renter, trusting the person you are dealing with is compulsory in order to enjoy the experience. That is why our team checks the identity of our users and give them the opportunity to review each other to help the community

Travel with peace of mind,
you are insured!

Whatever is the reason of your stay, travel anywhere in Europe and spend your nights in new scenery. Our users are covered by a comprehensive insurance and benefit from a 24/7 assistance. In the event of an accident, we take care of everything so you can enjoy your trip until the end.

Are you looking for a vehicle in particular?
Our team will help you to find it

Finding the perfect vehicle that will suit your needs is our priority. Yescapa allows you to send five free rental requests and to contact the owners directly. Our team commits to help you in your research and to increase your chances to rent the RV of your dreams.