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In which cases is a Technical Inspection not mandatory?


Motorhomes, vans and converted vans are subject to a technical inspection which must be carried out by an approved mechanic. This document must be up to date in order for the vehicle to be driven and therefore rented. Vintage vehicles are subject to the same rule.

You must provide a technical inspection, except in the following cases:

Country of Registration            


Age of the vehicle
UK < 3 years
SPAIN* Motorhomes (category M) < 4 years
Motorhomes (category N) < 2 years
ITALY < 4 years
PORTUGAL < 4 years

motorhomes ≤ 3,5T: < 3 years
motorhomes between 3,5 T & 7,5 T: < 2 years
motorhomes > 7,5T: < 1 year
caravans ≤ 750 kg: < 3 years
caravans between 750 kg & 3,5T : < 2 years
caravans > 3,5T: < 1 year
AUSTRIA motorhomes & caravans ≤ 3,5T: < 3 years
motorhomes & caravans > 3,5T: < 1 year
SWITZERLAND motorhomes: < 4 years
caravans ≤ 3,5 T: < 5 years
FRANCE < 4 years
BELGIUM < 4 years

If you are exempt from providing a technical inspection, please indicate the date on which you will need to provide your first technical inspection. 

*(1) Depending on the circumstances, the age of the vehicle is sometimes determined by the date on which the registration plate has been dispatched and not the year of registration. Example: For a 6-year-old vehicle that was registered in Spain this year, the age of the vehicle will be determined depending on the date of dispatch of the registration plate (this year).

*(2) Campers = different types of campers, no general rule. 

*(3) Vehicle types are indicated on the vehicle registration certificate.