What factors determine how my listing appears in search results?

The search results are displayed automatically by an algorithm that considers several criteria (see below), for the visitors to see the most interesting and available vehicles.

1. The location

The vehicles available close to the city researched are displayed first but the algorithm does not exclude vehicles located further away. The order of appearance is not from the closest vehicle to the furthest as other criteria are taken into account.

2. The quality of the ad

The more rentals you perform the higher your ad will appear in the search results. The number of pictures is also very important. A minimum of 8 pictures per ad allows to enhance its visibility. 

 3. The quality of the owner's profile

Owners can improve their profile by verifying their phone number and adding a profile picture. We also measure the responsiveness of the level of engagement of the owner from the number of rental days confirmed and the time spent on the website. 

4. The owner's responsiveness

The response rate is calculated based on the percentage of requests answered by the owner. It is requested that the owner gives prompt replies (under 48h).