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What documents should I upload?


For your account to be complete, here are the documents you need to provide us with:

 For your profile, scan or take a picture of the following documents:

  • The front and back of your identity card or passport;
  • Proof of residence less than three months old.

To upload them, log in to your Yescapa account. Then click on your first name at the top right corner, then on "My account" and finally on the "Documents" tab.

For your vehicle, scan or take pictures of the following documents:

  • The vehicle registration certificate (front cover and vehicle information page)
  • Your proof of insurance
  • The technical inspection (MOT) of the vehicle (for vehicles older than 3 years old).

To upload these documents, go to the section "My listing" and "Documents" then scan or take pictures of them.

For information, we will only be able to proceed to sending you the rental contract and insurance certificate when the renter has confirmed the booking and when they have uploaded all of their documents.

Be aware: We remind you that all your documents must be uploaded at least 48 hours before departure, otherwise, it will be impossible for us to insure your vehicle for hire and we will have to cancel your booking(s).