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I'm having trouble with the uploading process, what should I do?


If after several attempts at trying to upload your documents (with a good internet connection) you still can't add your document, read the following carefully:

For a successful upload, use jpeg, jpg or pdf formats, with a file size of less than 1 Mb.

We cannot make your files smaller for you because if they're too large, you won't be able to send them to us by email or they won't be received correctly. 


What is the file size? 

The size represents the amount of memory needed to store a document.  It is expressed in kilobytes (KB), which corresponds to 1024 bytes. For your information, 1 megabyte (Mb) corresponds to 1024 kb. To optimize performance we require a file size of less than 1 Mb. 


Where can you find the size and format of the file? 

Whether on a computer, tablet or smartphone, you will find the size in the properties of the file. 


  • On a computer: right-click on the file > Properties (Windows) or Read information (Mac) ;
  • On a tablet or smartphone > Whether your operating system is iOS (iPhone) or not (Android), each version of this system is different. You need to look for the photo information from your photo gallery. On the latest version of Android, it is an 🛈 in the top right corner of the photo.



How can you reduce the size of a file?

Several solutions are available:


  • If your file is in jpeg or jpg format :


Change the resolution of your camera or your scanning device. In the settings of the device you are using, look for "Resolution" and reduce it before proceeding to try and scan the document again. Be careful, make sure that the image quality is not affected to keep the full legibility of the document and its characters. 


  • If your file is in PDF format :


Change the settings of your scanning device or camera so that the output format is "jpeg" or "jpg" (lighter) before proceeding again with the photo or the scan of your document. Be careful not to affect the quality of the image to keep the document and its characters as legible as possible. 


  • If your file is not a jpeg, jpg or pdf format :


Save your file again in a lighter format (jpeg, jpg) while making sure that the quality of the image is not affected in order to keep the document and its characters as legible as possible.

If, despite our recommendations, you are unable to reduce the size of your file and import your document, ask a friend or family member to accompany you. Indeed, it is impossible for us to reduce your files for you (files that are too large will not be received by our mailbox).