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One of my documents was refused, what should I do?


In order to provide a safe and secure online environment, Yescapa must verify each user's documents and their validity. 

If one of your documents has been refused, we will inform you by e-mail of the reason for its refusal.

As soon as you receive this email, you can add the new document after checking the following points:

  • Legibility: The whole document must be visible (beware of framing) and both sides of some documents are necessary, avoid downloading a document that is blurry or too bright or too dark.
  • Validity: Check the validity date of your documents, we require a proof of address less than 3 months old and must be a utility bill (water, electricity or gas). The documents accepted as proof of identity are: An identity card (front and back) or a passport. 
  • It must correspond to the information you have entered on your profile: (surname, first name, date of birth, address). If this is not the case you can change your information on your profile: My Account / My Documents at any time.

If you are a UK licence holder hiring a vehicle in the UK, you are subject to a DVLA check. Please make sure to upload both sides of your driving licence along with a pdf of your DVLA check. More information on how to can be found here

For any incomplete uploads (one side of the licence or the DVLA check missing), your documents will be refused.