How do I set my rental rates?

To set your rates, go to the Yescapa website, click on "my ads" then on "rental rates".

There are 3 different seasons:

  • Low season: January to April and November to December
  • Shoulder season: May to June and September to October
  • High season: July & August

You will have to choose your rates per day which will be used as a base to calculate your remuneration. Please remember that these rates are exactlyy what your remuneration will be.

In order to define your total remuneration, we will multiply the number of days of the rental by your chosen rate for the specific season.

For a rental of 7 days and over, you have the possibility to set a discount to the renter in order to offer a more attractive overall price.

This is optional and if you do not wish to apply a discount, please don't add a discount at all, or make sure to leave that box on 0%. Once you do set a discount rate, a overview of what a 7 day rental will look like will appear. 

This discount will be applied to each rental of 7 days and over. 


For a rental during shoulder season of 7 days, if you have set a daily rate of £60 and that you wish to apply 10% discount, the calculations will be:

(60 x 7) - 10% = £378 instead of £420

 The price indicated on the website will however be different as it includes the insurance cost and the service fees. 

It will look like:

  • You remuneration (owner): £378 Tax included ((60 x 7) - 10%)
  • Comprehensive insurance and road side assistance cost: £105 (£15/ day x  7 days)
  • Service fees: £56.7 tax included (15% of £378)

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you need assistance deciding on your daily rates, we will be glad to help!