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How do I customize my rates depending on the time of year?


As the year is split up in different time periods, this tool lets you customize your rate preferences but also the minimum hire duration according to the time of year, other than the regular high and low season.

With your calendar, you can set customized rates according to seasons that you can also create as you go.

You will be able to recognize the rate applied and previously created on your calendar, in the Rates section of your listing. This will be colour and name coded. 


How do I customize my rates for different seasons?

Start by creating your customized rates in the Rates section of your listing. 

To find out how to customize your rates, click here.

Then go to the Calendar section of your listing and click on Add a season.

You will then be able to select the dates on which you wish to apply a customized rate.

Your remuneration will, therefore, vary according to the rate applied over the dates of the hire, minus the service fees applied by Yescapa.

Please note that when no season is added to your calendar, your default rate is applied. Your default rate is visible and can be modified on the Rates page.