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What do I do if I've sold / am selling my vehicle?


If you wish to delete your listing, you can follow the steps indicated via this link.

However, if you are thinking of selling your vehicle, you must keep in mind any future bookings which are already confirmed and the ones you can accept.

Indeed, as soon as you accept a booking request, you agree to honour it and make your vehicle available for the hire, meaning renters are then relying on you for their holidays. 

As stated in our general Terms and Conditions:  "When you accept a booking request as an owner, you undertake to honour it, except in the event of force majeure that prevents the hire (vehicle breakdown or accident)." A voluntary sale is in no way a case of force majeure.

Finally, to post a new listing following the purchase of a new or second vehicle, simply create a new one via your account: "List my camper"