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What is the special offer setting?


As you may have noticed, it is ow possible to offer attractive discounts to generate more rentals.

Indeed, if you offer interesting discounts for longer rentals or early bookings, this will be highlighted on your listing.

When a renter enters their chosen dates on the platform, the discount will be automatically calculated and displayed on the listing, accompanied by your "previous" crossed-out price. An attractive offer for renters, but not only...

Your listing will also gain visibility. A more attractive listing is more likely to get requests for rentals!

How to offer discounts?

To set up your listing and offer one or more substantial discounts for renters, go to the "Rates" section of your listing.

There are 2 types of reductions:


  • The "long term discount" which applies to all bookings of 7 days or more.
  • The "early bird discount" which applies to all requests made more than 5 months before departure.


These discounts can be cumulated.