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How do I manage my calendar?


Your calendar is crucial to inform renters that your vehicle is unavailable and to avoid receiving booking requests for times when you cannot rent it.

If you don't want to rent your vehicle during certain times, or if it is already booked elsewhere, you can make your vehicle unavailable by going to the "Calendar" tab of your listing.

Here is the procedure to follow:


  1. Go to your Yescapa account
  2. Tab: "My Account"
  3. My Listing
  4. Edit my listing
  5. "Calendar"
  6. "Add a season"
  7. Indicate the dates for which your vehicle is not available*
  8. Vehicle unavailable 
  9. Add a season


You can then specify the reason for the unavailability of your vehicle: personal use, breakdown, repair or maintenance or other.

It is recommended that you update your calendar regularly. In this way, you will only receive requests for times that suit you, and will also make your potential renter's search easier.