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What should I do if my vehicle is damaged?

If you notice damage to your vehicle, here are the steps to follow:

First of all, fill out and sign the inventory of fixtures with the renter and agree to keep the deposit.

Request a quote from a local garage, which you will, in turn, need to send us, so that we can forward it to the renter. Once the renter has been notified and approves the quote, you can pay for the necessary repairs with the security deposit that you have kept.

  • If the damage is minimal and less than the insurance excess, we suggest that you settle this amicably with the renter. 
  • If the damage is not minor or if you do not agree with the renter, please report your incident via this form.

In the event that the amount of the repairs is higher than the excess, the dedicated insurance team will open your claim (except for exclusions in the general conditions of the insurance). 

If necessary, an independent engineer will be appointed by the insurance, who will evaluate the cost of repairs. The insurance will reimburse this amount, minus the excess.

  • If the renter is responsible, the excess will be paid by them via the security deposit or direct debit.
  • In the event that the cost of the repairs is less than the excess applicable, the insurance will not open your claim. The renter will have to pay the total cost of the repairs by bank transfer to the owner.

If additional damage is noticed after the return contract is signed, we suggest contacting the renter and to explain the damage in order to add this damage to the 2 copies of the rental contract and have them signed by them.

We inform you that we can only offer our mediation if the responsibility of the renter is clearly stated on the contract and that the incident has been reported on the following form within 24 hours.