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What is the insurance excess?




 The insurance excess is the amount charged to the renter in the event of accident liability or if no third party is identified during the rental.

A bank imprint is taken during the payment of your booking. It is not taken from the renter's account up front, although Yescapa reserves the right to charge the card used, in the event of an incident or damage done to the vehicle. 

It is used to cover any external damage. Any potential internal damage is covered by the security deposit, which is to be given to the owner prior to departure and returned to the renter upon safe return of the vehicle if no damage has been recorded. The security deposit can also in some cases cover the amount required for the insurance excess.

The insurance excess applies to each and every incident/accident, meaning you could be liable to pay for multiple excesses.

The amount to be paid for the excess depends on the country in which the vehicle is registered along with in which country your licence was issued. Please refer to this page for more information.