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How do I know that the renter is insured for the rental?


The insurance certificate you receive before a hire is proof that your renter is insured for the rental. 


Once the renter has confirmed their rental, They will then have to upload their documents directly to their profile.

Once their documents have been validated, you will both have access to the proof of insurance. To find it:

  • Go to your Yescapa account and log in.
    Click on your name (top right corner) and then "My Account". Then click on "My Trips".
  • Click on the relevant hire and click on Review my booking.

Please be advised: All documents must be sent at least 72 hours before departure, otherwise your booking may be cancelled and no refund will be possible. Plan ahead!

*Please note the document validation process may take onger than expected during high season but please rest assured they will be validated in due time before your hire. If in doubt, don't hesitate to contact us to speed up the process.