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Should I set up my own insurance policy?

You don't have to!* We at Yescapa, can provide the self-drive hire policy to go with your rentals, which the renter pays for.

When you have a confirmed rental on our website, we take care of setting up the insurance for the vehicle. You will just have to send us a copy of the following required documents:

  • Vehicle's latest technical inspection 
  • Vehicle's registration certificate
  • Vehicle's insurance policy (personal)
  • ID document (Passport) - required to authorize payments to your account

You can upload these documents by logging in directly to your profile, My Ads > Documents.

If you wish to supply your own insurance policy, please let us know and make sure your rates are all inclusive of this poplicy. 

*If your vehicle is located outside of our registered countries for insurance or if your vehicle weighs over 3,5T, please contact us.