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Should I ask the renter for a security deposit/bond?


We have made the decision that the security deposits are to be managed directly by the owner. This is due to 3 major reasons:

It is more dissuasive, we have found that this system has a real impact on the number of incidents that occur during the rental period. We were able to observe that a deposit by bank imprint had less of an impact on the renter and that it did not encourage them to take proper care of the vehicle.

It is faster, the deposit allows a quicker and simpler resolution and does not require any claim to be opened. With this system, the average dispute resolution time is one week compared to more than a month for a procedure by bank imprint.

It is more secure, please note neither cash nor a bank deposit cheque/ bank transfer is opposable if it has been signed/sent voluntarily by the renter (unlike a bank card reported stolen or lost).

It is therefore in your interest to ask the renter directly for the deposit. 

This deposit is also called a security deposit. The law does not define any minimum amount, nor regulatory percentage, nevertheless, the amounts requested on the site vary from £500 to £2000. You can ask for a bank transfer or cash. Please be aware cheques are still used in France, and this will need to be discussed with the owner prior to booking their vehicle. 

This deposit will allow you to cover any interior damage that may have occurred during the rental period: broken plates, vase, cleaning/ fluid levels not done, exceeded kms, etc.

Without the damage noted on the inventory of fixtures of return, the deposit must be reimbursed in full on the last day of the rental. 

During a dispute between an owner and renter, keep in mind that the deposit can only be used/kept if the said damage is noted on the inventory of return, signed by both parties.

If any damage is recorded, you can make the necessary purchase or work to repair the damaged area. It is your responsibility to provide the renter with invoices for all repairs/replacements, along with the remaining of the security deposit to be returned to the renter.