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What is the security deposit?

The security deposit is set by the owner. The law does not set any minimal amount nor any statutory percentage, and rates on the website vary. The amount is specified underneath each advert.

If the rental contract states that the deposit is managed by you, the owner, then please make sure to discuss this with the renter prior to the day of departure, as it is crucial that the deposit is paid before handing over the keys of the vehicle.

This deposit will allow you to cover any damage caused to the inside of the vehicle during the hire: broken kitchenware, vehicle not cleaned, fuel/oil not refilled, ... etc.

If no damage is noted on the inventory of fixtures on the return of the vehicle, the security deposit must be returned to the renter on the day the vehicle is returned.

If any damage is noted on the inventory of return, you, the owner or the insurance company will provide us with a repair price quote. After thorough review and investigation, the appropriate party liable for the damages will be charged. 

If the deposit is said to be managed by Yescapa on the rental agreement, then a bank imprint will be kept in the event of damage, and the renter authorises Yescapa to take the security deposit amount directly from their credit card.  

Please note that an amicable settlement will prevent the €49 administration fee, to be paid by the culpable party