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What if the owner cancels my booking?


When owners accept a booking request, according to our general Terms and Conditions, they undertake to honour the booking, except in the event of unforeseeable force majeure which would prevent it (Breakdown or accident immobilising the rented Vehicle, Serious illness or accident with immobilisation and impossibility of being present for the departure, Death).

If an event likely to cancel the rental occurs, Yescapa and the renter must immediately be notified by the Owner.

We will then cancel the booking and block the owner's planned remuneration, which is scheduled to be sent by automatically by bank transfer on the second day of the rental.

Renters also have the possibility to cancel the booking via their account by selecting the following reason: "Cancellation due to the owner or a breakdown on the vehicle".

As stated in our general Terms and Conditions, in the event of a cancellation due to the Owner, we will do our best to find you another vehicle according to availability, taking into account your budget and your criteria.

If, however, the solution found does not suit, you will, of course, be refunded in full.




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