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If my booking request is accepted, what happens next?



If your request is accepted, you will be directly informed of this by email. 

You will then be free to either confirm or to cancel this demand within 48 hours

If you require more time in order to exchange with the owner or to make up your mind, you can also extend this by an additional 48 hours via the reminder email you received.

Past this deadline and without confirmation, the request will be cancelled and you will be free to continue your research. You may also resend a new demand for the same vehicle if you wish. 

Please note that sending a booking request is 100% free and non-binding. With this in mind, you can send up to 5 booking requests. If the owner does not respond to your request after 48 hours, you will be able to send new requests. 

If you wish to confirm your booking, you will have to proceed to the payment, in order to lock in the dates.

When confirming your booking, the following options will be available:

  • Payment in one instalment
  • Payment in two instalments, if your payment is 45 days or more before the date of departure.




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