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What are the kilometre options?



The kilometre options indicate the total number of kilometres that a renter can perform during the rental period. There are three different options: 100km/day, 200km/day and unlimited kilometres. 

For instance, for a 3-day hire :

  • The 100km/day option is the default option, no extra fee will be charged. You will be able to drive 300km (return trip) with this option.
  • The 200km/day option incurs extra fees (set by the owner). You will be able to drive 600km (return trip)
  • The unlimited option incurs an extra fee as well. You will be free to cover the distance you want during your trip.

You are free to drive more kilometres in a day, as long as you do not exceed the option you have chosen overall. If you go over the option, extra kilometres will be paid to the owner at the price/kilometre they have set (€0,20/kilometre on average)

For a 3 day hire with the option of 100 km/day, if you end up driving 400km (instead of the 300 initially planned), you will pay : (400-300)*0,2= €20





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