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Things to keep in mind before renting out my RV



Before the renters arrive:

  • Check that you have printed all documents (rental contract & proof of insurance)
  • Make sure the vehicle is clean (inside and out) and the grey waters are emptied. Fuel and gas should be handed over with a full tank.
  • Don't forget to provide kitchenware and all the necessary equipment to cook with (oil, salt and pepper, spices, utensils and enough pots and pans...)

Once the renter has arrived:

  • Ask the renter to show you his/her ID documents (passport and driving licence). 
  • Show the renter how the motorhome works: Practical and technical tips (How to empty the wastewater, how to check fluids, where does the fuel go, how to convert the beds...)
  • Once the rental contract and the inventory of fixtures form have been carefully filled in and signed by yourself and the renter (one copy for each party), plan to spend at least 30 minutes teaching the renter how to use your vehicle with a test drive.
  • Keep in touch with the renter during their trip, giving them tips on where to eat, what to see, where to park, etc. 

Make sure you notify the renter of any fragile equipment in your motorhome, for example, the blinds, windows, etc: Nobody knows your vehicle as well as you! 

Please be advised: It is compulsory that the rental contract and the inventory of fixtures form are signed by both parties before departure. The insurance will require this document in the event of an accident.