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Can I find my own renter?

If you find a renter outside of Yescapa, the team can apply a 21% reduction on the fees as a gesture of goodwill. This can be applied to your fees, or to the renter's.

If you wish to apply this discount directly to your remuneration and not give the renter a discount, you must inform us before they send you a booking request.

If you wish to apply a discount to the part the renter pays, you must proceed as follows:

Before accepting the booking request, contact us by email with the booking reference previously sent by the renter and the mention "Renter found outside of Yescapa" in your message. Please also indicate their first and last name as well as the number of days of the hire.

We will reply to your email when the discount has been applied to the booking. You can then invite the renter to confirm the hire.

The discount will have been automatically applied without any change to your remuneration!