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What is the half-day feature?

You have the possibility to offer the half-day feature if you wish/if your preferred pick-up time is in the afternoon and your drop off in the morning. As we operate per day and not per night, by activating the half-day feature, you will ensure your renters aren't paying for any extra day they will not use. This, in turn, will mirror the way you charge per night if that's the case.

Please make sure to specify this in your description, so the renter knows to send the correct times for their request.

You can activate/deactivate this option from your account in the "My listing" section then "Preferences".

The half-day feature allows you to charge renters as accurately as possible.

It also allows more flexibility to the renter, who will be able to choose at the time of sending their request, if the pick-up and the return of the vehicle will take place in the morning or in the afternoon.