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What should I pay if I damage the vehicle during a rental?


If you are found to be liable for any damage that occurred during your rental, you must pay the amount of the repairs after being sent an estimate or invoice, covering the said amount or more, up to the amount of the insurance deductible(s) applicable, according to the insurance taken out and the amount of incidents which you are liable for. 

In the event of damage caused to the vehicle, you must report any damage to the owner by telephone and together complete the inventory of return by indicating the damage caused during the rental in great detail. 

You will then have to report the damage via the declaration form so that Yescapa can assist you in resolving the case. 

Depending on the damage, if an amicable solution is possible, we encourage you to find an arrangement directly with the owner, which will prevent the €49 administration fee which has to be settled  by the culpable party.