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What to do in the event of a breakdown or immobilisation of the vehicle after an incident?


1.Notify the owner by phone (SMS or call)

They know their vehicle the best and will be able to give you important information.

2. Contact the breakdown assistance on the number indicated on the insurance certificate

Indicate that it is a breakdown and specify the license plate and the breakdown insurance policy number indicated on your insurance certificate.

If the vehicle can be repaired quickly, accommodation will be supplied (if necessary & possible) in a perimeter close to the garage where the repairs are being done so that you can then continue on with your trip. Please check all our breakdown insurance Terms and Conditions here.

If the vehicle cannot be repaired quickly, the breakdown assistance will tell you the steps to follow. Leave the vehicle as clean as possible, take pictures of the interior and the exterior and complete the inventory form.

3. Contact Yescapa by email at

In regards to the repairs cost, everything depends on the culpable party, you will be kept informed by our services of the procedure that will follow. Please note that an amicable settlement will prevent the €49 administration fee to be paid by the culpable party.