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What is the insurance excess waiver option?

Yescapa offers a partial excess waiver option, allowing you to reduce the amount of the excess in the event of an incident.

This means you can now go on holidays with less worry, and make the most of your trip with friends and family, without blowing your budget.

The excess corresponds to the sum due by the renter in the event of an incident where they are culpable for the damage, or if there is no third party identified. You can now reduce the amount of this excess, if you are renting a vehicle insured by MAIF, Lagun Aro or Allianz Germany, thanks to the partial excess waiver option. Check the respective insurance pages for further details.

Partial excess waiver with MAIF for vehicles registered in France.

Partial excess waiver with La Vaudoise for vehicles registered in Switzerland.

Partial excess waiver with Lagun Aro for vehicles registered in Spain.

Partial excess waiver with Bene for vehicles registered in Italy.

Partial excess waiver with Tranquilidade for vehicles registered in Italy.

Are you interested? You can subscribe to this, up until the day before departure*!

To sign up, this can be done during your booking request, when confirming, but also after payment, and up until the last working day prior to departure (Monday to Friday - check our opening hours)*  by contacting our customer service at +44 (0)20 3695 3852 or by email .