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What is the security deposit?

The security deposit covers: - the repair costs in the event of damage less than the insurance excess rate - (the repair costs in the event of damage excluded from insurance guarantees) - costs in the event of missing fuel, exceeding the mileage/km package, cleaning not carried out, late return penalty, non-compliance with the rules on board or any breach provided noted in the clauses of the contract. 

The security deposit is retained before the start of the rental:

- either by the vehicle owner if the security deposit who retains the deposit in the currency of country the vehicle is registered in through one of the means of payment indicated on the listing. 

- or by Yescapa via a pre-payment system with authorisation given at the time of payment of the booking by the renter for Yescapa to recover a deposit in the event of charges claimed from the rental. 

The amount and method of retention of the security deposit is indicated on each listing. 


When is the security deposit returned to you? With no damage or charges noted on the inventory of return form, the security deposit must be returned in full.

If damage is noted on the rental contract, the owner must retain the security deposit pending the evaluation of the claim which must be declared via the damage declaration form accessible on your profile in the "My trips" section then "Review my booking". 

For amounts of compensation in the event of minor damage, over mileage, cleaning not carried out or missing fuel, it is preferred to resolve these charges directly between the owner and the renter on return of the vehicle whenever possible. 

When the security deposit is managed by Yescapa and an amicable settlement has not been made, Yescapa will contact you.