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What are the terms of a rental credit?

A rental credit allows you to travel at a later date and can be used in several instalments. It is dematerialized and kept on the renter's profile in My Account > Rental Credit section.

This rental credit will be deducted from the price of the next rental.

  •  If the rental credit contains an amount corresponding to the remuneration of an owner, this credit can only be used on one of the vehicles of the same owner and on the total amount of the new rental.
  •  If the rental credit only contains an amount corresponding to the insurance and service fees, then this credit will be valid on the rental of any vehicle registered on Yescapa and limited to the payment of the service fees and rental insurance parts of the new rental.
The new rental rate may vary depending on the rental and insurance rates applicable for the new period. In the event that the rental credit is not sufficient to cover the amount of the new rental, the remaining amount will be charged to the renter. 

If, on the contrary, the rental credit is greater than the total amount of the future rental, the balance of the rental credit is retained and will be usable on a following rental.

Rental credit following a Covid-19 cancellation:

The effective period of validity of the rental credit is 18 months maximum, from the date of cancellation of the initial hire. The actual travel dates may be later than the 18 months of validity provided that confirmation by full payment of the hire takes place before the expiration date of the rental credit.

If the renter has not used their Rental Credit after the 18 months have passed, the owner will not be able to claim the amount of their remuneration.