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Why has my payment failed?

Here are several factors that can lead to a payment failure, as explained in the list below:

  • You have made a mistake when entering your credit card number => please try again
  • Your online spending limit is not high enough => contact your bank
  • You have already reached your online spending limit => contact your bank
  • The 3DSecure is not activated on your card => contact our customer service
  • Your card does not allow you to pay online => try with a different card
  • You took too long to enter the password 3DSecure => please try again
  • You have entered the wrong 3DSecure code => please try again
  • You have closed your browser too soon => please try again
  • Your card's expiry date is too close to the start/end of your hire => contact your bank and our customer service
  • The Website YESCAPA has encountered an error => please try again and contact our customer service
  • You tried to pay with an e-card, a prepaid card, Maestro or American Express => contact our customer service.
  • You got an error code 008508, this could mean our payment platform does not yet have an agreement with your card issuer country. In order to pay for your booking, please use a card issued in a country which appears in the list of authorised countries. Make sure to set your nationality to where your credit card is issued.
  • Your payment via Paypal has been refused → Refer to the Paypal guide.