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How can I pay for my booking?

In order to confirm a booking, the renter must make a secure payment by credit or debit card on the website.

To access the payment, the renter can do so from their profile > My bookings > Review my booking > Confirm my booking.

There will be different payment methods available, depending on your departure date, allowing you to pay in one or two instalments

  • You will need to enter your credit/debit card number, expiry date and cryptogram, in order to process the transaction. Payment via the online payment service Paypal is also accepted*. Some cards will have the 3D-Secure option activated, and this means your bank will send you a temporary code (be aware these only last a couple of minutes) for you to enter on the website, to verify your identity and to avoid any fraudulent activity with your account. 
Please note: If your card is not equipped with this option, you will need to get in touch with our Customer Service team, for us to deactivate this option for you. 
  • Once the payment has gone through, you will then see "Your payment was successful" on your screen.
If the payment has failed, go to the "What do I do if my payment fails?" section. 
  • Your card details are kept until payment for the damage has been settled in the event of an incident during your hire. 

*Please know that payments through Paypal are not possible when the security deposit is managed by Yescapa.