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What do I do if my payment fails?

Here are several factors that can lead to a payment failure, as explained in the list below:

  • You have made a mistake when entering your credit card number => please try again
  • Your online spending limit is not high enough => contact your bank
  • You have already reached your online spending limit => contact your bank
  • The 3DSecure is not activated on your card => contact your bank
  • Your card does not allow you to pay online => contact your bank
  • You took too long to enter the password 3DSecure => please try again
  • You have entered the wrong 3DSecure code => please try again
  • You have closed your browser too soon => please try again
  • Your card's expiry date is too close => contact your bank and our customer service
  • The Website YESCAPA has encountered an error => please try again and contact our customer service
  • You tried to pay with a e-card, a prepaid card, Maestro or American Express => contact our customer service.