May I leave a review after a rental?

Reviews are essential to our community, they allow owners to know if a renter has already rented through our website, how how it went. Here are a few guidelines to follow:

  • Your review concerns the rental and the renter. You will then be able to rate Yescapa at a later stage.
  • Your review may not contain any personal name, contact number or address
  • Your review may not be insulting, defamatory or discriminatory
  • If the overall rating is under 4 stars, we ask that you leave a comment 
  • Your comment must be coherent with the given rating
  • The photos used in your review, must be appropriate

If the review concerns an ongoing incident file, we may only publish it when the said file is closed. 

You have the right to respond to a review in order to explain your side of the story. To do this, you must contact our customer service. Your response must also comply this charter.