The owner received a ticket, and the dates correspond to my rental dates, who should pay?

In this case, the driver of the vehicle, you, will have to pay the fine. The owner will generally receive this by mail a while after the rental has ended and will get in contact with us or you directly. 

If a ticket was issued: 

As soon as the fine is received, the owner has a certain number of days to contest it. 

If you refuse to go through with payment, the owner can send your contact details to the local authorities, with the rental contract enclosed. It is best to warn the owner that you have received a ticket, with all the necessary information, so that he can contest it upon reception.

If a fine was issued linked to unpaid Tolls:

Toll charges are not included in the rental costs and should be paid by you. If a payment needs to be settled by you, the owner or Yescapa will contact you with proof, and your card will be debited. 

*Be aware of low emission zones, and ask the owner of the vehicle, if you are not sure how to proceed.