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RV and Camper rental insurance


MAIF, our insurance partner, committed to a collaborative company, has been known to be specialised in motorhome and campervan insurance. Choose between the basic plan and the Premium plan, and our team will look after setting up a policy specific to your trip.


Included in both plans:

  • Civil liability (excess free)
  • Legal aid, representation and legal protection
  • Compensation for personal injury caused to the driver
  • Damage to the vehicle with excess. This guarantee is applicable in the event of any accidental damage to the vehicle and its accessories (glass breakage, theft, fire, knockdown, and any other event which can be classified as accidental)
  • Natural disasters with regulatory excess
  • Enhanced breakdown assistance with the "0 KM assistance".

Supplementary guarantee included in the Premium plan:

  • Cover for transported objects (personal items, contents of the vehicle).


In the event of an incident where the renter or an unidentified third-party is liable, an excess per incident is applicable. The amount of the excess applicable depends on the plan chosen and the type of incident:

Basic plan:

  • Damage and theft (except in the event of "technological disasters"): €1500
  • Damage to the upper parts of a motorhome (over-cab bed, solar panels, satellite antennas): €2500
  • Breach of trust: €2000;
  • Glass breakage: €300
  • Natural disasters (event reported according to Article A125.1 of the insurance code): €380.

Premium plan:

  • Excess reduction for damage and theft, along with upper parts down to €500 (except for "technological disasters"):
  • Excess reduction for glass breakage down to €50
  • Inclusion of cover for transported items in the vehicle, with a €250 excess.

The other excesses stay unchanged. For both plans, all damage caused linked to alcohol consumption or narcotic drugs and tested positive by local authorities will see their excess go up to €5000 per incident.


Compliance requirements for the owners' vehicles according to the insurance plan:

  • Vehicle with a gross vehicle weight < 3.5 T new value < €100 000;
  • Regular and thorough technical checks of the vehicle carried out according to regulations.

Conditions for vehicle renters/drivers according to the insurance plan.

  • Must be at least 23 years old ;
  • Must have held a Category B driving licence for at least 3 years, and must not be suspended ;
  • That they have held vehicle insurance (2 wheels, and/or 4 wheels) for at least 3 years
  • That no serious damage has been caused to the vehicle in the last 36 months (honoured commitment from the owner/renter).


The guarantees are covered for private/ recreational travel, excluding all expensive passenger transport and/or transport of expensive goods. Those trips are authorised in France, in the overseas departments and collectivities in which the health cover carries out insurance operations (Guadeloupe, Martinique, Reunion, Saint-Barthélemy, and Saint Martin for its French part only), in Andorra and Monaco, throughout Europe as well as in Bosnia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Tunisia, Morocco, Albania, Belarus, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Fyrom, Iran, Israel, Moldavia, Russia, Serbia.


This covers damage in the event of an accident, i.e. resulting from an accidental, sudden and unforeseen incident that occurred during the rental of a vehicle rented through Yescapa and whose repair costs exceed the amount of the insurance excess subscribed. Certain vehicle components are excluded from insurance coverage:

  • Personal items (excluded in the basic plan)
  • White or brown electrical appliances which are removable
  • Material damage resulting from a tyre blow out, for tyres older than 5 years
  • Damage to tires due to piercing or braking
  • glass damage resulting from misuse from the reter
  • Accessories or elements, whether or not they are brand originals, which are not attached
  • Household utensils such as crockery, glasses, cutlery and similar articles, small electrical household appliances, chairs, tables and similar articles, as well as other upholstery items from the inside of the vehicle
  • Loss of or damage to the trailer and its contents
  • The theft of objects belonging to the Owner that are not related to the rental (example: personal mobile phone)
  • The loss of or damage to any vehicles (mechanically damaged) towed by the insured vehicle
  • Glass breakage on elements through which light does no travel.

MAIF rental insurance contract

You can download the terms and conditions of the contract by clicking on the link below:

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