Specific insurance cases

Vehicles offered on Yescapa have specific self-drive hire insurance covers, provided by our insurance partners or by owners themselves. However, some exceptions can occur: some listings do not include insurance and carry the mention "Specific case - insurance not included".

The insurance cannot be included when the vehicle does not meet certain criteria, imposed by our insurance partners, such as the age, weight of the vehicle or again where the vehicle is registered.

If one of those vehicles seem to be a fit, here is how you can insure your trip:

  1. Check with your own insurance if it is possible to temporarily switch your personal policy to the vehicle hired. If your motor insurance offers this service, your policy will be transferred to cover your hire and the cover for your car will be switched to stand by (check with your insurance for exact cover terms) for the duration of your trip.
  2. Find an insurance company that provides pay-as-you-go insurance contracts. Some companies offer this service.

Be aware that the owner of the vehicle must approve the terms of your chosen insurance. As it will be a policy contracted outside of Yescapa, we will not be able to offer a mediation service in the event of damage caused to the vehicle during the hire.