MAIF Assistance

RV and camper re assistance

A problem on the road: we're at your side to help you!    

We can't choose the circumstances of an accident, breakdown or health problems.

MAIF Assistance is available if you need anything in the event of an incident giving you:

  • Travel assistance to help you and your passengers;
  • Vehicle support to take care of your RV following its immobilization.

MAIF Assistance services that are provided 24/7 by a dedicated and specialized department, who deal with over 1.5 million cases per year.

The vehicle support

In any case, MAIF Assistance accompanies you in order to ensure peace of mind for your trips. On Yescapa, all rentals for vehicles registered in France are covered with MAIF comprehensive insurance, including breakdown assistance. MAIF Assistance is available by phone to assist you in case of breakdown, puncture, fire, theft or loss of keys of your RV or camper.

Where and when can I use the services of MAIF Assistance?

MAIF Assistance takes action 24/7 as soon as the rental begins within France and abroad (European countries and Mediterranean perimeter except Libya). You will benefit from a no mileage deductible assistance, to help you in case of a breakdown or accident.

The main guarantees of MAIF Assistance

In case of immobilization of your vehicle abroad or in France, MAIF Assistance organizes:

  • Towing of your vehicle to the nearest relevant garage;      

If the RV is immobilized in France or abroad, MAIF Assistance will cover:

  • The waiting on site, if the repairs last 5 days or less, with handling of the accommodation and restoration expenses, plus the possibility to rent car to perform everyday trips (grocery store, pharmacy...)
  • Or repatriation of the renters
    • if the repairs last more than 5 days;
    • if the rental ends before the repairs are completed.
  • The repatriation of luggage, when the vehicle is immobilised more than 7 days;
  • The travel costs of the owner (or another driver) to repatriate your RV after repair on site.

In case of immobilization of your vehicle abroad, MAIF Assistance organizes:

  • The sending of spare parts unavailable abroad and necessary to the repairs of the RV;
  • The repatriation of the vehicle if deemed irreparable in the country it is in;      
  • Storage of the RV in a suitable place, for instance when pending repatriation;
  • The wreck commissioning abroad if the vehicle is deemed to be irreparable

For the sick or injured, in France or abroad MAIF Assistance offers:

  • The medical evacuation if necessary
  • If the beneficiary is not transportable, the accompanying person will wait on site if the immobilization is less than 7 days. If longer than 7 days, MAIF Assistance will take care of a round trip for a family member
  • Medical expenses and hospitalisation abroad (in addition to the benefits payable by social agencies and to a limit of €80,000)
  • Resource and shipment of medicine and prostheses required for the patient's health;
  • Mountain rescue costs in case of accident related to the practice of a winter sport in an authorised ski area outside sports competition.

In case of death, MAIF Assistance provides:

  • Transport of the corpse to the place of funeral or burial in France
  • The early return in case of death of a spouse, parent or child.      

Set out stress-free and well looked after thanks to these services!