Allianz Global Assistance

RV and camper re assistance

The roadside assistance is provided by Allianz Global Assistance. Vehicles up to 3.5T are covered 24/7 in the event of an accident, theft and/or breakdown,everywhere in Europe. If the weight of the vehicle exceeds 3.5 tons, please contact the owners to get the contact details of their own assistance.

The phone number will be communicated on the rental contract.

Vehicle repair

In the event, should it be deemed possible Allianz Global Assistance (AGA) insurance will send a contractor to the vehicle in order to fix it. They will organize a repair or towing for the vehicle that is immobilized in Germany or abroad, starting from 50km away from the usual parking address:

  • to the nearest garage;
  • or to a garage which can carry out the necessary repairs, if the repairs are not able to be carried out under a good timeframe and good conditions in a garage near to the incident site.

AGA covers repair or towing costs to the sum of €100, (including replacement parts). Extra repairs can remain at the cost of the beneficiary.

Lodging costs

If the vehicle cannot be repaired or has been stolen, Allianz Global Assistance takes care of finding accommodation by covering the costs for a maximum of three nights and a maximum of 100 euros per night and per person.

Replacement vehicle / return transportation costs

A replacement vehicle is provided if the vehicle rented couldn't be repaired on the day the accident happened or the following day, or if the vehicle has been stolen. AGA will provide a replacement vehicle of the same kind (up to 3.5 tons), that costs up to 350€, and lodging up to 60€.

If the vehicle is considered totaled, AGA refunds the return costs to the usual parking spot of the vehicle, by train if the distance is less than 1200 km or by plane if the distance is more than 1200 km.