P&V Breakdown assistance

RV and camper re assistance

IMA Benelux accompanies you throughout your trip. All rentals made with a vehicle registered in Belgium and insured by our partner P&V group, benefit from breakdown assistance. IMA Benelux is only a phone call away from helping you and assisting you with the breakdown of your motorhome or van, for tyre puncture, fire, theft or theft/loss of the vehicle keys.

Services are available 24/7 with a specialized team, expert on the subject.

Where and when can I benefit from IMA Benelux services?

IMA Benelux intervenes 24/7 as soon as the vehicle is on hire throughout Belgium and Europe. You benefit from breakdown assistance with a no minimum distance excess, to help you in the event of a breakdown.

The main guarantees of IMA Benelux

In case of breakdown or immobilisation of your vehicle abroad IMA Benelux organises:

  • Assistance to your vehicle wherever you are or towing to the nearest registered garage;
  • The secure parking fee is covered for a period of 3 days maximum
  • The repatriation of the beneficiaries: if the repairs exceed two hours in Belgium or twenty four hours abroad, IMA Benellux will organise and cover one of the following guanrantees:
    • Return trip of the renters: to the owner's house in Belgium, by the most appropriate means. This guarantee nevertheless applies without any time limit in the event of an immediate return necessary;
    • Continuation of the trip: transport of the renters to their destination. Abroad, the costs are covered in proportion to the costs that would have been incurred for the return of the persons to their homes;
    • Accommodation costs: hotel costs for occupants, up to €70 per night and per person, for a maximum period of 5 nights.
  • The travel costs of the owner (or another driver) to repatriate your RV after repair on site.

In the case of immobilization of your vehicle abroad, IMA Benelux organizes:

  • The guarantee of sending spare parts unavailable abroad and necessary to the repairs of the vehicle;
  • The repatriation of the vehicle if deemed irreparable in the country it is in;      
  • Storage of the RV in a suitable place, for instance when pending repatriation;
  • The wreck commissioning abroad if the vehicle is deemed to be irreparable

For the sick or injured, in Belgium or abroad IMA Benelux offers:

  • The medical evacuation if necessary
  • If the beneficiary is not transportable, the accompanying person will wait on site if the immobilization is less than 5 days. Otherwise IMA Benelux will cover a round trip of a family member;
  • Resource and shipment of medicine and prostheses required for the patient's health;
  • Mountain rescue costs in case of accident related to the practice of a winter sport in an authorised ski area outside sports competition.

Set out stress-free and well looked after thanks to these services!